Compassion Lived Simply by Carrie Cottrill

Balancing a family of seven and ministry has become a way of life for the last few years.  Structure, balancing, time management, and organization are attributes that I’ve been thankful for throughout my life but especially in this season.  Our family and ministry have been blessed abundantly (see my other MHM blog posts) but the growing pains of ministry hasn’t always been easy.  There have been frustrations, loneliness, abandonment, and often times the thought of, “I didn’t sign up for this.”  The ups and downs, the reality of volunteers coming and going, and Satans constant attacks.  Ministry is not for the faint of heart.  But then there are the blessings!  God blessing our family as well as the families that we serve.  Let me just leave it at, we serve a BIG God!

In the midst of starting a brand new ministry in a new area, we were often asked why we would sell our beautiful home in Orange County and move into a 130+ year old farmhouse.  Concerned friends would approach us with the question of why we would move our family again after just 3 years,   Our church family would often talk about us as if we were doing something out of the norm.  I would be in studies or groups and used as an example of sacrifice.  To this day, I still don’t know exactly how to react to these kinds of statements.  Honestly, most of the time I’m thinking, “Isn’t this what all followers of Christ do?” 

When I was younger and applying for scholarships, colleges, and jobs, there was one question that I always dreaded.  What is your mission in life?  I now know why this question was always a struggle, I was relating it to a worldly perspective.  I was trying to fit all my goals and aspirations into a mission that would look as if I stood out.  The reality was, I was just average in a worldly view but spiritually, I stood out.  I remember the question coming up years later as we were filling out paperwork to become foster parents.  Spiritual maturity had taken root in my soul and this question no longer intimidated me.  I knew exactly what my mission in life was.

God has called us all to live and love compassionately.  I can fully attest that God has equipped me for His calling on my life.  I certainly am not worthy!  It’s Him who gives me strength and helps me die to self daily so I can live for Him.  He has given us all spiritual gifts, a heart to serve, and a special calling on our life.  Where is God calling you to serve?  For me, I’m simply trying to change my little corner of the world by living more compassionately.



2 thoughts on “Compassion Lived Simply by Carrie Cottrill

  1. Hello! My name is Stevana Skye Hawkins fb: (Skye Hawkins) , I have a 1 year old son that lives with me. I have two older daughters who I’m fighting to get back they live with their paternal grandmother! I’m very interested in the program. Whenever you guys get a chance please contact me I think it’s amazing what you guys do for others ❤️❤️


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