Vision and Mission

Magnolia soulangeana

The vision of Magnolia House Ministries is to support families with a hand up, not a handout. This allows families to get back on their feet and learn to be independent through seeking employment opportunities and saving funds for their own personal residence while under the care of Magnolia House Ministries. All of the staff and volunteers of Magnolia House Ministries is dedicated to living out in the sacrificial love of Christ; from the personal contributions from both the Darby’s and Cottrill’s and reaching out to local churches and Christ-centered organizations to share the heart of the ministry is to further the mission of God.


The mission of Magnolia House Ministries is to help moms and their children who are experiencing homelessness and going through a crisis transition to a stable home while sharing the love of Christ through biblical hospitality, providing families the opportunity to be reunited or stay together while gaining their independence. The goal is for the women involved with the ministry to be empowered by the caring staff and volunteers of Magnolia House to believe autonomy and stable independence is possible for their family.


Some of the programs include…

  • Weekly Support Mentoring Meetings
  • Budget Classes
  • Career Planning
  • Parenting Skills
  • Literacy/GED Tutoring
  • Driver’s Education
  • Social Skills
  • Cooking and Home Organization Skills
  • Counseling (Personal and Marriage)
  • Respite Care
  • Community Support
  • Bible Discipleship Classes