Who We Are


Board of Directors
Back Row: Paul Barnette, Ted Darby, Patrick Cottrill, David Stevens Front Row: Terri Anne Darby and Carrie Cottrill

Magnolia House Ministries began because the Darby and Cottrill families served and adopted children through the foster care system, witnessing firsthand the struggles many of the single moms involved with foster care experience.  While there was transitional housing for single women who struggled with substance abuse and other specific needs, there was no program in the area for women who simply needed a stable place. Magnolia House Ministries provides a place for women at risk of homelessness to live, while learning valuable life skills and the life-changing love of Christ.

A defining moment when Terri Anne and Ted Darby knew God was calling them to create an organization like Magnolia House Ministries was when a young mom came to them about caring for her son through Safe Families for Children- an organization focused on providing temporary housing for children at risk of entering the foster care system. Rather than simply caring for the young boy, the Darby’s invited the young mom and her son into their home. The Darby’s recognized the young mom needed “grandparent” like-figures to provide a comforting and stable home where the mom could learn valuable life skills and be self-sufficient in years to come. Their parenting skills and desire to reflect Christ’s love to those in need motivated them to care for this mom in a way no one else would.

Patrick and Carrie Cottrill also saw the need for reliable transitional housing for single women through their own involvement with Safe Families for Children. The Cottrills noticed the children were being cared for through the program, but often the women coming to Safe Families did not have a place to live themselves. Even if the women had the desire to reunite her family and provide future care for her children, without a stable home, this reality was a distant dream.

Even the name for the organization is personal and rooted in love. It was inspired by the loving relationship Carrie witnessed between her grandparents. Check “Where did the name originate from?” blog post to read Carrie’s personal story of how this relationship inspired her and the organization.

The Darby and Cottrill families realized by providing the single women opportunities to learn skills such as time management, interview skills, and financial planning, while in a secure living situation, she could continue to care for her family in the future without the fear of separation. They believed with loving and supportive help, rooted in the love and teachings of Christ, women could be guided towards stable independence for themselves and their families.

Magnolia House Ministries acquired their incorporation in spring of 2017, and have also recently received their official 501c3 credentials.