Where did the name originate from?

By Carrie Cottrill

I observe people, that’s what I do. It started at an early age with my grandparents. I observed my grandparents relationship and even though I came from a broken home, I was blessed to witness how God designed a marriage to be. My grandfather met the standard! He loved my grandmother like God loves the church. My grandmother loved the smell of Magnolias. My grandparents lived modestly but my grandfather still found ways to make my grandmother feel special. He worked at a clinic close by that was filled with Magnolia Trees, Every week he would bring her a bloom and she would place the bloom in a clear bowl with water in the center of the table. The aroma would fill the kitchen with a wonderful, sweet smell. He would give her a kiss on the cheek and say, “I love you, Shug.” (Short for Sugar) This act of love has played in my mind since childhood. When the vision of MHM first came to me years ago, ┬áthe name Magnolia House Ministries seemed fitting. ┬áMagnolia House is a simple act of love coming along side families to help them to live independently.